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Join us for an insightful webinar on "Supportive Care for Advanced Urological Cancers," designed exclusively for nurses. In this engaging session, we bring together two esteemed professionals – an Exercise Physiologist and a Psychosexual Therapist – to explore comprehensive approaches to patient care.

Our Exercise Physiologist will guide participants through the significance of tailored exercise regimens in managing symptoms and promoting overall well-being for patients dealing with advanced urological cancers. Learn how physical activity can play a pivotal role in the holistic care paradigm.

Following this, our Psychosexual Therapist will delve into the delicate yet crucial area of psychosexual care for these patients. Gain insights into addressing the emotional and psychological aspects that often accompany the challenges of advanced urological cancers, equipping nurses with valuable tools for empathetic and effective support.

This webinar is a unique opportunity for nurses to enhance their knowledge and skills in providing holistic care to patients facing urological cancers. Join us to enrich your practice and contribute to elevating the quality of life for those navigating advanced stages of urological cancer. Don't miss this chance to engage with experts and fellow healthcare professionals in a dynamic learning environment.

This webinar is proudly sponsored by Bayer.

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Dr. Shelley Kay 

Exercise Physiologist 

Chris O'Brien Lifehouse 

Shelley has a PhD in exercise physiology with extensive experience in clinical practice, research and lecturing. She is interested in the mechanisms that explain how exercise can modify risk factors for disease, including cancer. Her research background involved investigating the influence of different types of exercise on changes in fat, muscle, and bone and how this impacts health and disease. This theme is directly relevant to many types of cancer. Her work in exercise and body composition has also involved many different populations from elite athletes to nonagenarians (the oldest was 98). 


"It's magic to see positive changes in people who are experiencing health challenges such as cancer," says Shelley. "I'm committed and passionate about delivering exercise medicine but I also understand how important it is to support and respect individual decisions to enhance confidence and sustain the benefits." We have lots of people in our clinic who have never exercised before and who say they would not consider going to a gym. Those participants feel the benefits and people here are happy. Our approach is to listen, start where the individual is ready to start, plan and encourage progression and to have a lot of fun". 

Simone Samali 

Psychosexual Therapist 

Private Practice 

Simone is a dedicated and experienced registered nurse with a career spanning over two decades. For 18 years, she was an integral part of a private Urology practice, where she served not only as the sole registered nurse but also as the adept business manager. Simone's commitment to providing top-notch patient care and ensuring the smooth functioning of the practice has been a cornerstone of her professional journey. 


With a solid foundation in nursing, Simone recognized the need for specialized support for individuals grappling with the side effects of cancer therapy. Driven by a desire to make a meaningful impact, she pursued and completed her master's degree in psychosexual therapy at Sydney University. This additional qualification equips Simone with the knowledge and skills to address the unique challenges that arise in the realm of psychosexual health, particularly for those undergoing cancer treatments. 


Simone's multifaceted expertise as a registered nurse, business manager, and now a psychosexual therapist reflects her holistic approach to healthcare. She remains deeply committed to enhancing the well-being of her patients, combining her wealth of experience with cutting-edge knowledge gained through continuous education. Simone's journey stands as a testament to her unwavering dedication to the nursing profession and her enduring commitment to supporting individuals on their path to recovery and overall wellness. 


Jan 30, 2024

6:00 PM - 7:30 PM (GMT+11)


  • 6:00 PM - 6:05 PMWelcome
    Kevin Ancog – ANZUNS President
    6:05 PM - 6:10 PMSponsor presentation
    Bayer Representative
    6:10 PM - 6:15 PMIntroduction
    Sheena Lagat – Moderator
    6:15 PM - 6:45 PMExercise Physiology
    Dr. Shelley Kay
    6:45 PM - 6:50 PMDiscussion
    Sheena Lagat – Moderator
    6:50 PM - 7:20 PMEmpowering Prostate Cancer Nurses: Navigating on Sexual Health During and After Treatment
    Empowering Prostate Cancer Nurses: Navigating on Sexual Health During and After Treatment

    Speaker: Simone Samali
    7:20 PM - 7:25 PMDiscussion
    Sheena Lagat – Moderator
    7:25 PM - 7:30 PMConclusion
    Sheena Lagat - Moderator


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